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Out of Place

Jan 28, 5:00 PM CST


Join Wrightwood 659 on January 28th for “Out of Place,” a virtual conversation with architectural filmmakers, Spirit of Space, as they pull back the curtain to reveal their inner workings and approach. In conjunction with the recent Wrightwood 659 exhibition Balkrishna Doshi, Architecture for the People, Spirit of Space worked with architect Monica Chadha to extend the exhibition content beyond the walls of the gallery and into local Chicago neighborhoods. In “Out of Place,” we explore how film and narrative can be used to soften boundaries and expand access to our exhibitions, buildings, and institutions.

If you are unfamiliar with Spirit of Space, we recommend you watch the Architecture of Community series here.

This event is free, but registration is required for a Zoom link.

About the Participants

Spirit of Space is a team of architects turned filmmakers founded in 2005 to bring empathy to architecture through film.

Directors Adam and RedMike develop the artistic and dramatic aspects of each film and lead the team to fulfillment of the collective vision. Ryan composes original soundtracks based on the site’s context and Samantha produces the framework that allows the artistic team to create.

The art of their filmmaking lies in taking sequential authentic experiences and directing and editing in such a way that the emotional intensity of each project is felt.

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