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Object Chats: Spring/Summer 2022

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Wrightwood 659 Educators serve as conversation partners, providing points of access for our guests through their knowledge and keen observations. In these video Object Chats, our amazing staff share observations, research, and interpretation on specific objects and themes in our Spring/Summer 2022 exhibitions.

Explore Object Chats to learn more about Rirkrit Tiravanija: (who’s afraid of red, yellow, and green), American Framing, and Moga: Modern Women & Daughters in 1930s Japan.

Spring/Summer 2022 Object Chats prepared by our Educator team focus on:

Hair, Niwa Akiko (1934), Gina Malfatti

Bijinga, Anko Chang

Silent Prayer, Noguchi Kiyoshi (1940), Jake Planer

Rirkrit Tirvanija: (who’s afraid of red, yellow, and green)Malik Jackson

Daniel Shea’s Construction Photography, Aya Nakamura

Daniel Shea’s Untitled Photograph, Ben Planer


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