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I Photograph to Imagine: Shahidul Alam in Conversation with Vijay Prashad

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I Photograph to Imagine brings together two esteemed polymaths in a virtual conversation that reconsiders the purpose of documentary photography and the power structures of its distribution, as well as the propensity of the image to communicate what the world is and, as important, what it could be.  How can photography be used to expose hidden truths by bearing witness?

Join us for this important discussion between Shahidul Alam, Bangladeshi activist, photographer, and subject of our current exhibition We Shall Defy; and Vijay Prashad, Indian historian, director of the Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research, and editor of Alam’s 2020 acclaimed publication The Tide Will Turn.

As a photographer, I have tried to produce tangible visuals of a scene made intangible through the passage of time, through the deliberate loss of crucial evidence, through the layers of bureaucracy that have allowed silt to collect.” – Shahidul Alam

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